Douglas Stevenson

For over 40 years, Douglas Stevenson has been on the cutting edge of alternative lifestyle and technology.

Author / Producer
Technology Engineer
Health Advocate
Peace & Justice Activist
Aid Worker & Volunteer
Artist / Musician

My new books:

Out to Change the World

The Farm Then and Now

Lectures and Presentations

Douglas is a passionate and engaging speaker, challenging his audience to examine and question priorities as they plot a course for their life ahead.

Colorful presentations with dynamic visual imagery bring these ideas into focus, allowing students to connect with the concepts at a deeper level.

Students leave empowered to make clear, conscious decisions for setting achievable goals that will impact their future.

"My goal is to inspire people of all ages to follow their dreams,
to realize they have the power to make a difference in the world.
big swan

Scheduled for release, Spring 2014

Out to Change the World

From San Francisco to today, the 40 year story of The Farm.

Once the world's most famous hippie commune and intentional community, today it is a model for how humans can live together in peace and in harmoney with the earth.


The Farm Then and Now

Government, healthcare, housing, permaculture, right livelihood and spirituality, these are just some of the essential building blocks of community embodied by The Farm Community, explored in this book as a blueprint for the future.




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